MP Raises Funds for Youth Training Programme on Cherry and White Bike

Gloucester MP Richard Graham has against the odds successfully completed the 110 miles from Gloucester to Parliament on his cherry and white bike to raise funds for the Gloucester youth training programme Onside.

 Richard arrived at Parliament on Sunday afternoon with Gloucestershire businessmen Nick Battersby and Tom Skinner, and were accompanied by rugby charity Wooden Spoon Gloucestershire Chairman Tim Heal on Saturday. 

 Kingsholm based businessman Colin Rogers said “for a man who's never been further than five miles on his bike before this is quite some achievement.”

 Space Catering's Mike Mellor added: “I was happy to sponsor Richard because it's a good cause and I know how much he wants to help youngsters get a job, but I didn't think he'd make it!”

 Richard has met his own fundraising target of £1000 for an Onside youth training programme but hopes that others will donate through his justgiving page ( and the rest of the team are raising funds too.

“We just might raise enough for a whole course of youngsters if Citizen readers take up the cause - even a couple of pounds will help make unemployed youngsters more likely to get a job” said Richard.

He Continued, “We had a few near misses in traffic, met Olympic oarsman James Cracknell on the towpath at Henley, crossed weirs over the Thames, went through an old RAF tunnel and overtook two Maseratis in traffic jams. To everyone who supported and sponsored us - thank you very much”

Prospect Training's Sarah Powell said “this is a fantastic effort by the team - well done the veterans Richard and Tim giving so much time and effort for Onside”.

Gloucester Rugby's Gary Little said “when I saw them off I honestly wouldn't have put money on them to make it to Oxford  - but like rugby when it comes to the crunch it's as much mental as physical and they did it. Our youngsters can learn from that”.