MP Congratulates 3 new Academy Status Schools in Gloucester

Gloucester MP Richard Graham congratulates three Gloucester schools on their conversion to Academy status on Friday 1April.

The Crypt School, the High School for Girls and Robinswood Primary School (the first primary school to Gloucestershire to achieve academy status) will convert to academies tomorrow, bringing the total number in Gloucester to 5, including the newly formed Gloucester Academy.

Richard Graham held discussions with Ministers and Department of Education officials, helping to ensure that the conversion of both the Crypt School and the High School for Girls would happen on time.

Academies are publicly funded independent schools, free from local authority and national government control. Other freedoms include setting their own pay and conditions for staff, freedoms concerning the delivery of the curriculum, and the ability to change the length of their terms and school days.


Mr Graham said, “I wanted to send my warmest congratulations to all three schools as the process is rigorous and this is a considerable achievement. I was particularly pleased by Robinswood’s conversion as they are the first primary school in the county to achieve this status.


“Becoming an academy will help the school’s long term ability to decide their own future and reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork. And so I was delighted to have played a part in overcoming obstacles for Crypt and the High School for Girl’s applications and wish them all good luck.”