Conservatives recycling centre pledge

Gloucester Conservatives used the Bank Holiday weekend, when queues are often found at Hempsted's Household Reycling Centre, to highlight their policy of creating a new recycling centre on Eastern Avenue.
The plan, included in the Party's local manifesto, is part of a commitment to make recycling in Gloucester easier, including collecting more materials from the doorstep.   The new recycling centre, which would be in addition to the Hempsted facility, would concentrate on items that could not be collected from the doorstep like metal and timber.  It could be up and running as soon as next year.
Conservative City Council Leader Paul James said, "We've come a long way with recycling in Gloucester in recent years but we want to do more. We are collecting more materials from the doorstep like aerosols and tetrapaks now and we will expand that still further.  But we want to make it easier for people in all parts of the city to recycle things that we won't be able to collect from their door."
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Richard Graham added, "I know how frustrating it can be having to drive across the city and wait in queues to get to use the recycling centre at Hempsted.  An additional facility on the Eastern side of the city would relieve traffic levels and make it easier for people who want to do the right thing."