2016 Manifesto Launched

Conservatives in Gloucester have launched their manifesto for next month’s all-out City Council elections.
The Party, which has run the Council since 2004, makes a number of key pledges in the 18 page document. Their priorities include:
• Low council tax.
• More working with other councils, especially the County Council, to save money and improve services.
• More regeneration – including the new bus station, a revised Kings Quarter scheme and Bakers Quay.
• More recycling – doorstep collection of more materials, including cardboard.
• A new cultural venue for the city.
• Tougher enforcement of environmental crime – including reintroducing City Centre wardens.
• Making the most of our history – a major festival for Aethelflaed and the Civil War anniversaries in 2018.
• Tackling knife crime.
In the foreword of the document, City Council Leader Paul James says, “We are now on the verge of achieving something very special in Gloucester, with many regeneration schemes large and small on the verge of delivery.
The new bus station is on site, with the revised Kings Quarter scheme to follow on from it next year. Bakers Quay has been acquired, planning permission granted and a start on site due later in the year. We have shown through the delivery of last year’s Rugby World Cup that we can play a part on the global stage and this should give us renewed ambition.”
The elections are for the whole council, with 39 councillors being elected. Only the Conservatives are fielding a full set of candidates.


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