This is an exciting time in British politics. We have the opportunity to to develop a positive and dynamic agenda that meets the challenges our country faces and that helps make Britain a better place to live.

You can play your part by joining the Conservative Party. The Conservatives are already the largest party in local Government, and Conservative Future is Britain's largest and fastest-growing student body.

There are now three different ways in which you can support the Conservative Party:

Join as a Friend

We know that there are many people out there who are supportive of the Party and our policies. While some people may be persuaded to translate that support into membership, not everyone is willing to take that step. We have responded to this by introducing a new type of relationship for our supporters - Conservative Party Friends.

A Friend can make any donation of their choice, with a minimum donation of £1. In return, they receive a weekly e-newsletter as well as access to the Party's new Affinity Programme.

Join as a Member

Members receive the same benefits of the e-newsletter and access to the Affinity Scheme as Friends, but they play a more active role in the party. For £25 a year (or £5 a year for the under-23 year olds). Members gain voting rights within the Party, meaning they can vote for the Party Leader and help choose election candidates. To join click here.

Join as a Donor

Every pound donated will go towards helping us win the next election and making change happen.

What is the Affinity Scheme?

An Affinity Scheme is when an organisation introduces their members to suppliers and businesses who will give them a discounted rate on their purchases. The Membership Benefits Directory offers Friends and Members the opportunity to make savings on a wide range of products and services, from hotels, holidays, gifts, food and wine and insurance. Purchasing through the Affinity Scheme will also make a valuable contribution to the Conservative Party.

To sign up for the Affinity Scheme you must be a Member or Friend of the Party. Go to the Conservative Party website and click on "Get Involved" in the left-hand column, then click on "Affinity." To get your password, type in your email address and it will be sent straight to you.